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Young People at a Workshop

 Heightening the   Engagement of   Youth! 

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 A group of people sharing a common goal can achieve the impossible 

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Training Module 1: Social Inclusion 

Aim: To raise awareness on the importance of social inclusion, as well as the potential risks and dangers associated with social exclusion of young people NEETs/Returnees, taking into account among others, employment status, cultural belonging, training, health and social relations.

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Training Module 2: Mapping and Networking

Aim: to strengthen social networks upon fostering social inclusion and enhancing knowledge of accessing local resources and services for health, housing, and employment.

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Training Module 3: Learning and unexpected outcomes of online engagement

Aim: to enhance the skills of youth workers on organizing interactive activities; online events and virtual activities; new groups; art-based activities; youth Information platforms; local community engagement; utilization of innovative use of digitally-based youth work, in order to attract the interest of NEETs/Returnees in engaging in non-formal support activities.

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Training Module 4: Social Campaigning

Aim: to share knowledge and enhance the skills and competences of participants on practical methods and practices on how to include young people in designing and implementing advocacy campaigns for a) promoting the rights of youth, b) awareness raising on challenges faced during the transition period from education to employment and c) promoting social change.

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 Training Module 5: Motivation and Interpersonal Communication

Aim: to enhance or help develop soft skills such as teamwork, communication, conflict management, leadership and negotiation skills, creativity, and reflection on our role in human interactions, along with life skills.

 The Beginning 

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