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H.E.Y. Dissemination Conferences

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The H.E.Y! Dissemination Conferences, organized in Cyprus, Ireland, France, Italy and Spain, aimed at disseminating information about the project results and sharing the knowledge acquired during the project implementation. Each Conference included presentations, panel and roundtable discussions, hands-on workshops and networking sessions.


The specific objectives were to:

  • Encourage participants to take an active role by co-organizing the events and by presenting their short video documentaries, the training packages, the E-platform and the results from mentoring and peer-to-peer support services.

  • Present the project,all the Results and disseminate the tools and methods developed as its related results.

  • Improve knowledge and raise awareness on the strategic figure of youth workers in promoting knowledge and competence among young people promoting active citizenship

  • Create a space for discussion about ways to increase the support for positive youth development and their engagement in social and professional life.

  • Plan future exploitation and sustainability actions with potential stakeholders and policy makers at national and international level and enhance the continuous curricular update in accordance with the needs of youth.

  • Reinforce relationships with stakeholders who can ensure further exploitation and sustainability of the project results at local, regional, national and/or EU level.


In each partner country approximately 30 participants attended the H.E.Y! Dissemination Conference. Participants included:

  • Senior leaders (principals / directors), teachers, trainers, tutors and mentors in initial and continuing VET institutions offering skills qualifications, training programmes and courses

  • Educational professionals from other institutions providing training for youth workers

  • Young people, trainees and non-formal learners

  • CSOs and social service providers and networks

  • NGOs, foundations dealing with socio-economic inclusion, integration of minorities, social assistance.

  • Public bodies at local, regional and/or national level.

  • H.E.Y! Mentors, Mentees and Peer-to-Peer Supporters

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