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Call for H.E.Y! Mentees

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

We are inviting young Returnees/NEETs (Not in Training or Education or Employment) to participate to participate as H.E.Y! Mentees in the H.E.Y! Online Mentoring Programme. 

Each partner organization will identify and accept 10 H.E.Y! Mentees in partner countries, namely, Cyprus, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal. 

H.E.Y! Mentees should:

  • Be young Returnees or/and NEETs (Not in Training or Education or Employment); 

  • Be between 21-30 years old; 

  • Have interest to participate at the HEY! Online Mentoring Programme, be empowered personally, socially, educationally and maximise potential, by developing also knowledge, skills and competences.

  • Have personal or/and professional needs falling within any or all the thematic priorities: Social Inclusion, Socialization, Employment, Personal Development.

  • Have available time for at least 4 online weekly mentoring sessions during the 1-month mentoring process.

If you wish to be a H.E.Y! Mentee

a) Find more information at H.E.Y! MENTEES

Deadline: 31st January 2024

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