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HEY! Tell Me your Story (Trailer)

A series of 7 short film documentaries entitled “HEY! Tell Me Your Story!” have been produced, during storytelling workshops, with young NEETs and Returnees in Cyprus, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. The HEY Storytelling Workshops and the film documentaries represent activities implemented within the framework of the H.E.Y! Heightening the Engagement of Youth! Project, which is co-funded by the EU. Get a glimpse from the documentaries and from the work done by young NEETs and Returnees, with the support of professionals and partner organizations of the HEY Project. More information about the project, its activities and results at #HEY #itsheyproject #sayheyproject #whatnow #HEYProject #ErasmusPlus #youthengagement #HEYDocumentaries

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