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HEY! Online Peer-To-Peer Support and 

“Your small support could accomplish a big dream.”

– Mohammad Rishad Sakhi 


Peer-to-peer support refers to a form of support where young people provide practical assistance, understanding, and guidance to their peers (other young people of the same age) who may be experiencing similar challenges or issues. In the case of the HEY project, young Returnees/NEETs. It is a valuable approach that acknowledges the power of young people supporting one another in their personal, social, and emotional development.

In peer-to-peer support, young people serve as resources for each other, offering empathy, encouragement, and sharing their own experiences and perspectives. This type of support fosters a sense of connection, trust, and camaraderie among youth, creating a safe and supportive environment for them to discuss and navigate various issues they may face.



In general peer-to-peer support can take place in various settings, including schools, youth organizations, communities, and online platforms. It can address a wide range of issues, such as mental health, substance abuse, bullying, relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, and academic stress. Young people involved in peer support programs may receive training or guidance to develop active listening skills, empathy, effective communication, and problem-solving techniques.

Peer-to-peer support in youth work recognizes that young people often feel more comfortable sharing their concerns with their peers, as they can better relate to and understand each other's experiences. This approach can be empowering, and it helps young people build resilience, develop leadership skills, and create meaningful connections within their communities.


In the framework of the H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Support Programme each Partner Organization will proceed with a) launching Calls for Peer-to-Peer Supporters and b) identification and assignment of 3 Peer-to-Peer Supporters to provide online support to the 10 identified Mentees in their countries and other young Returnees/NEETs who will request assistance through the E-Learning and Training Platform of the project.




The H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Support process will be launched with signing the H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Support Agreement.

Each partner organization will assign three H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters.

All H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters will provide 1 photo, 1 short resume and a contact email to be published on the H.E.Y! E-Learning and Training Platform, and the H.E.Y! Website for Mentees and other young people to send their questions and request support.

All H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters could respond to requests via:

  • E-mail communication

  • Telephone communication

  • Online meeting


H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters will be keeping records of emails, requests received, as well as ways of response and support provided.


H.E.Y! Online Peer to Peer Support Programme

Responsibilities of H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters

  • Attend one 3-hour online Training Workshop entitled “Training Workshop for H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters” organized in February 2024 (date and time to be announced upon confirmation)

  • Respond to online requests for support or help or guidance by Mentees or other young Returnees/NEETs requesting support through the E-Learning and Training Platform.

  • Be inclusive having in mind the diversity in genders, sexualities, experiences and needs, variety of socioeconomical backgrounds, cultures, skills, abilities, knowledge and other.

  • Keep a record and register requests received based on the template provided by the Organizers.

  • Inform the organizers in case of a situation, or a case where a more advanced support service is requested.

  • Provide feedback to the organizers on the effectiveness of the Peer-to-Peer Support Programme.

Benefits of H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters

Overall, being a Peer-to-Peer Supporter provides numerous benefits, including personal growth, the ability to make a difference, building relationships, developing leadership skills, networking opportunities, and personal satisfaction.

Benefits for H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters include:

  • Personal growth: Being a peer-to-peer supporter allows people to develop valuable skills such as active listening, empathy, leadership, and problem-solving. It enhances their understanding of different perspectives and fosters personal growth by challenging their own biases and assumptions.

  • Impact and making a difference: Peer-to-peer supporters can make a positive impact on the lives of young Returnees/NEETs. By providing support, guidance, and a listening ear, they can help young people overcome challenges, build resilience, and achieve their goals.

  • Building relationships: Being a peer-to-peer supporter allows individuals to form meaningful connections with other young people. They can build trusting relationships based on shared experiences and mutual understanding.

  • Leadership and empowerment: Taking on the role of a peer-to-peer supporter provides an opportunity for individuals to develop leadership skills. They learn to advocate for the needs and concerns of young Returnees/NEETs and empower them to make their own decisions.

  • Networking and professional development: Engaging as a peer-to-peer supporter offers opportunities for networking with professionals in the field. It can lead to further education, training, and career advancement in youth development or related fields. Peer-to-peer supporters

  • Personal satisfaction: Serving as a peer-to-peer supporter can be personally fulfilling.

In addition, all H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters will

  • Certificates of Participation as Peer to Peer Supporters will be provided.

  • They will have the opportunity to attend workshops, conferences, or events, organized by each partner organization, which will further enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • Peer-to-Peer Supporters’ photos and short resumes will be published on the H.E.Y! website and the H.E.Y! E-Learning and Training Platform.

  • H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters will be presented via the project’s social media accounts and during the H.E.Y! Dissemination Conferences organized by partner organizations in all partner countries.

  • H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters will have the opportunity to become a member of H.E.Y! Network, which is composed by organizations, youth workers and individuals, with interest in youth empowerment and social inclusion.

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