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​The general aim of the Training Programme is to enhance the capacity building of NGOs and other stakeholders and their personnel and volunteers involved in providing support and assistance to young people re-integrating in the society, including NEETs and those returning back to their countries. The immediate objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the forward-looking capacity, resilience and responsiveness of youth workers and NGOs.

  • Master innovative approaches for embedding comprehensive support, coherent set of competencies, tools, and methodologies to address the learning needs of youth workers and their dedication and commitment to meeting young people ‘s needs.

  • Enhance understanding of the demand for technology, and innovation-related skills as the decisive factors in any scenario of emergence from the crisis and young people's outreach activities.


The H.E.Y! Training Programme is divided into 6 Training Modules, each composed by original training sessions, Annexes, audio-visual material, bibliography and resources. 

  • Introductory Module

  • Module 1: Social Inclusion

  • Training Module 2: Mapping and Networking

  • Module 3: Learning and unexpected outcomes of online engagement

  •  Module 4: Social Campaigning

  • Module 5: Motivation and Interpersonal Communication

ANI Workshop.jpeg

Introductory Module

ALDA Storytelling workshop.jpeg

Module 3

Learning and unexpected outcomes of online engagement

ANI Workshop.jpeg

Module 5 

Motivation and Interpersonal Communication

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