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H.E.Y! Peer to Peer Support !

 Have you recently returned home from abroad, after studies or long-term work?

 Are you in between jobs or studies or going through a gap year?

 Are you one of the H.E.Y! Mentees participating in the H.E.Y! Online Mentoring Programme?

 Do you face difficulties or challenges related to

      1) employment or/and

      2) socialization or/and

      3) personal development or/and

      4) feeling included in your society or/and your community?

Then contact one of our H.E.Y! Peer to Peer Supporters!

The H.E.Y! Peer to Peer Supporters is a group of young people, situated in Cyprus, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, who have been through and faced similar situations in their lives like you!

They are in the position to provide and share with you some good tips, suggestions, ideas and/or experiences on how to overcome some of these challenges.

They are volunteers, collaborating with the partners involved and in the H.E.Y! Project and wish to help and support you.

If you wish to talk with one of the H.E.Y! Peer to Peer Supporters, then contact them at the following emails:

Cyprus – Social Policy Action Organization at

Italy – Promimpresa SRL at

Ireland – Redial Partnership CLG at

France - AGIS, NOTE et INNOVE-ANI-International at

Spain – GRIGRI at

Portugal – Rota Jovem at

If you wish to meet the H.E.Y! Peer to Peer Supporters please visit the

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