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Call for H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

We are inviting young people to become H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters in the H.E.Y! Online Peer-to-Peer Support Programme. 

Each partner organization will identify and accept 3 H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters in partner countries, namely, Cyprus, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal. 

The H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporters must be:

  • Between 23-30 years old

  • Ex Returnees/NEETs (Not in Training or Education or Employment); who overcame challenges or difficulties during their re-integration in the society;

  • With interest, willingness and time to provide voluntarily support to their peers and help them to overcome challenges or difficulties;

  • With available time to respond to online requests for support or help or guidance by Mentees or other young Returnees/NEETs contacting the project.

If you wish to be a H.E.Y! Peer-to-Peer Supporter

a) get more information at  HEY Peer Support | 

Deadline: 31st January 2024

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